Texas Coalition for Worksite Wellness

Encouraging Innovative Solutions

Many employers – including some in Texas – have found that making investments in worksite health and increasing access to preventive care can help lower overall health care costs. These employers have embraced two truths:

  • Disease is expensive. The cost of treatment and the burden of untreated disease – in terms of both dollars and the human toll – is enormous.
  • Prevention and chronic disease management are cost-effective ways to reduce the burden of disease.

It’s time to break the mold of our current health care system which focuses on treating people when they are sick, rather than preventing illness. Our present “sick care” system isn’t working. Redesigning benefits systems and embracing programs to motivate healthy behavior and encourage preventive care could lower costs while improving health outcomes.

Now, more than ever, Texas needs a health care system that helps people stay healthy, encourages and aids in managing their chronic conditions, and avoids costly acute care and complications by focusing on prevention and wellness.

The Texas Coalition for Worksite Wellness is dedicated to finding positive, innovative solutions to the challenges posed by our current health care system. By emphasizing prevention, wellness and disease management in our workplaces and health benefit systems, we can improve Texans’ health, prevent costly disease and lower health care costs.