Texas Coalition for Worksite Wellness

Employer, Physician Toolkits Help Workers Beat Their Addiction

Employer, Physician Toolkits Help Workers Beat Their Addiction

AUSTIN—As more Texas cities go smoke free, two members of the Texas Coalition for Worksite Wellness—the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and Texas Association of Business’ local chambers—are equipping doctors and employers with tools and resources to help Texans who want to quit successfully do so.

Employer toolkits include information on the business case for investing in smoking cessation, as well as excerpts from the National Business Group on Health’s Purchaser’s Guide that details how an employer can incorporate cessation into their health care insurance benefits.

Physician toolkits provide resources that help doctors engage with patients on the benefits of smoking cessation and online resources to improve a smoker’s chances of quitting and staying smoke free.

Smoking cessation is among the low hanging fruit in preventive health care benefits a company can offer its employees. An increasing number of Texas based companies are working to clear the air at their places of business by offering smoke free workplaces coupled with appropriate smoking cessation counseling and health care benefits.

More Texas employers are following the lead of Dell, HEB and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas by making smoking cessation a top health care priority for their company.

For more information about the employer and physician toolkits, e-mail [email protected]

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